MarioWay brings together a group of people from a variety of backgrounds:

· Mario Vigentini, a developmental educator with over 20 years’ experience in working with people with physical, psychological and learning disabilities; Mario is our Project and Community Manager

· Lorenzo Pompei, a business angel with over 10 year experience in international banking with top-tier US financial institutions in London, Dublin and Milan. Lorenzo graduated in Business Management from the Universities of Pavia (Italy) and Strasbourg (France).Lorenzo is our CEO and CFO

· Massimo Ghidelli, a professional engineer with 20 year experience in a family-run business of aluminium doors and windows in Northern Italy Massimo is our Mechanical engineer

· Stefano Martinelli, owner of PDF-Punto di Fuga, another brand active in Harley Davison motorbike customization. Stefano is our HR