The MarioWay is completely customizable: by way of changing its geometry and center of gravity, it adapts to the length of the user’s femur and shinbone. It can correct postural asymmetries, and can adapt to a wide range of body weights. Among others, the MarioWay brings the following benefits:

Reduction of neck pain and migraine lead by muscle tension present in the traditional wheelchair sitting posture.

Improved postural comfort (and related improved body functionality), can boost attention and efficiency due to a decreased musculoskeletal pain-load.

Rib cage.
An ergonomic posture keeps the breathing pattern regular, improving the cardiovascular system.

Thoracic diaphragm.
Compression on the diaphragm is drastically reduced, facilitating the digestion process and bowel movements.

Abdomen and gluteal region.
Effective prevention of back pain. MarioWay allows a natural angle occurring between the hip bones and the femur. It reinforces the core muscles of the back.

Upper limbs.
MarioWay prevents tendinitis and brachial neuralgia.

Lower limbs.
MarioWay prevents swollen legs, feet and ankle thanks to an improved peripheral vascular circulation generated by the MarioWay mechanic up-and-down movement (controlled by the user).

Ergonomic sitting position at variable heights.
The weight-load on the lumbar spine district is almost zeroed.  MarioWay prevents decubitus ulcers; it also prevents osteopenia (lower than average bone mineral density).

Knee rests.
They have been designed to limit the body weight applied to the some other regions of the body.