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Standard wheelchairs are of a time when people with disabilities were thought to be unable to work let alone win medals at Olympic Games. While times have changed -people with disabilities do win gold medals -; the wheelchair has not. While horse carriages have been replaced by sports cars or motorbikes in less than 100 years, the wheelchair has stayed the same: limited. While some of us have the choice to drive a Jeep, a Corvette or a Harley, others are left with a chair they need to push with their hands.

This doesn’t sound right, does it? This is why MarioWay was born:  to start a true revolution; create an electricity-propelled and hands free mobility device so extraordinary that everyone will desire it. After securing the backing of a business angel, Mario asked AbnormalCycles, a world class manufacturer and designer of custom-made motorcycles, to help turn his vision into reality. Mario’s ambition was to create something unique and beautiful that everyone, with or without disabilities, will desire it. Massimo Ghideli, a true genius, became the chief mechanical engineer and developed the chassis while a team of craftsmen developed a sleek design. Marioway was born out of passion, inspired design and award-winning craftsmanship.