marioway_particolari Improved relationship The user is at a standing height, making eye contact simple again. Breaking away from the seating position of traditional wheelchairs, MarioWay will improve communication and interpersonal relationships. Freedom of movement The compact and hands free design solves daily problems cause by architectural and urban design such as getting in and out of doors without assistance allowing greater autonomy and raising people’s self-esteem. Made in Italy design MarioWay presents a number of technological innovative features. It is equipped with shock absorbing suspensions. It has a purpose-built ergonomic seat. It can be adapted to individuals suffering from amputated lower limb(s). Its speed, stability and ergonomics open up a new range of sporting activities Apple & Android apps Apps will manage some of the MarioWay’s functions. For example, users will be able to use an App to undertake fitness therapy programs with set objectives and exercises as they would do with a personal trainer. It is very important for people to work on their lower body parts and MarioWay makes this easy to do at their pace, in their own time. MarioWay will become a community through a future app that will foster communication and meet-up between MarioWay’s users, providing opportunities to share stories and experiences. Technical Data: Distance from the ground to the base: 3.35 inches (8.5 cm) Width:  24.8 inches (63 cm) Full-battery travel range: 16 ~ 24.2 miles (26 ~ 39 Km) Radius curve: zero. Maximum speed: 12.4 mph (20 km/h). Total weight: 105.8lbs (48kgs) (base, batteries and wheels included) + 57.3lbs (26kgs) (aluminum upper structure, seat and knee rests). User minimum weight: 66lbs (30kgs). User maximum weight: 198.5lbs (90kgs) Total maximum moving mass: 361.5lbs (164kgs)