Marioway Team It sees work as more than just paying the bills; it is a way to promote human dignity and well-being. Working and being able to work contribute to biological, psychological and social well-being of mankind. Marioway will enhance employability of disabled people currently not working because most of working tools, in working environments, are located at able-bodied height. It is a balanced ecosystem. Marioway acts responsibly for the well-being of people and communities. We connect with the world around us and evolve accordingly. We create reciprocity and inter-dependency between all stakeholders: inventors, people with disabilities, suppliers, investors and local authorities. It is open innovation. Our work and ethos lay on a shared vision to build together the better returns on society. It believes in shared wealth. Benefits can be for all, including the planet. Profit is obtained without harming people or the environment. It is passion. We believe in the products we make, in the services we offer and in the quality of the relationships with our stakeholders. It believes in genuine engagement. We challenge the traditional understanding of what “customer” means and view them as involved stakeholders. It supports a sustainable social welfare, whereby Marioway will partner with non-profit organizations to develop new cooperative economic models in order to manufacture Marioway wheelchairs. It gives preference to suppliers owned by women or individuals from underrepresented populations.