Posted on Jul 11, 2014

I knew him, you know?

From the Blog of Paola Sucato, in memory of Marco Zamperini and the award named after him, the FunkyPrize, won this year by MarioWay.

“The days run, but it does not take much to plunge into emotions.
An expired domain. MY expired domain, the one that you regularly renew, Marco.
But I did not read your mail for a while, and I did not realize the email alert.
I do everything I did not want to do and then I call friends and the customer service number for the necessary changes. There are phrases that I learned to say very quickly, but for those on the other side of my voice, it is always like a slap. And that ‘I’m sorry’ seems to be said by someone sitting at the table with me. Ok, let’s move on, I’ll give you all the passwords you want, Davide.
But madam, I knew him, you know? Then I fall, and I try not to get too hurted, to not feel bad for Davide. Because I’ve decided that at every tear I have to return a smile.”

(The blog of Ci_Polla)
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